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    The State Board of Education updated the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS) to include the following areas of instruction:

    • Physical health and hygiene;
    • Mental health and wellness;
    • Healthy eating and physical activity;
    • Injury and violence prevention;
    • Alcohol, tobacco, and
    • Other drugs; and
    • Reproductive and sexual health. Health TEKS Chapter 115 


    Following the passage of HB 1525 in the 87th regular legislative session and SB 9 in the second special session, parents or guardians must provide written consent in order for their children to be able to participate in instruction on human sexuality and the prevention of child abuse, family violence, dating violence, and sex trafficking beginning with the 2022-2023 school year.  


    The Educational Committee makes recommendations for health-related and abuse prevention curriculum materials, and the school board adopts the materials and determines the specific content of the instruction. 


    In accordance with state law, a parent may: 

    • Review, receive a copy of, or purchase a copy of curriculum materials depending on the copyright of the materials. 

    • Remove his or her child from any part of the human sexuality instruction without academic, disciplinary, or other penalties. 

    • Become involved in the development of this curriculum by becoming a member of the district’s DEIC or attending DEIC meetings. (See the campus principal for details.) 


    Before a student receives Human Growth instruction, the district MUST obtain written consent from the student’s parent.

    Parents will be sent a request for written consent at least 14 days before the instruction.

    If a parent does not sign the Opt-In form, their student will not receive the instruction described. 


    Parents or legal guardians are the primary educators of their children and can be the most important influence on their health decisions. The lessons your child will receive in school are designed to reinforce what a parent or legal guardian is teaching at home, not to replace it.